Madrid, hosting city

Strategically situated in the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is not only the center of business, finance, and administration, but also has a great cultural and artistic heritage due to its eventful past. This heritage and the cheerful character of the Madrilenian people, make this lively city one of the greatest metropolis in Europe.

The city offers concerts, exhibitions, ballets, select theatre productions and has 73 museums that cover all fields of human knowledge. Of these, the most important is the Prado Museum, one of the world’s greatest art galleries. Madrid is also worldwide known for its cuisine. Many famous chefs settled down in the capital and now spoil their guests with seafood, Ibérico-ham, excellent cheese, and exquisite wines from the country’s best wine-growing regions. You can sample a wide variety of the finest Spanish and international cuisine or be enchanted by its bars and taverns.

Madrid is definitely the best city for making ICSHM-2024 a resounding success!